Shihan Cole

25 / Mom / Financier / Singapore

Skin Tone: Fair

Skin Type: Sensitive, (sometimes) dehydrated skin
Concerns: Hyper-pigmentation, Anti-aging

Thank you for visiting my small space where I pen down beauty reviews and follow me along my journey to achieving flawless skin. I am Shihan Cole the creative behind @tonecreamspf.

Tone-Cream-SPF stems from the skincare basics or necessity I could never live without. I just completed law school before getting married and gotten pregnant with my baby girl. I am now in the finance line (yes, I have an actual job!). I love looking at and creating beautiful visuals and educating people about skincare which I am so passionate about. Tonecreamspf.com is my creative outlet, my passion project where I share my love and insights on beauty, coffee, and travelling!

I hope that I could be of help in your skincare journey and perhaps shed some light on your concerns with regards to our precious skin. Welcome again to my little space where I share with you some of my findings, favorites and not-so-effective products. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey as much as I do. Till then, I wish you great skin!